VAERS, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, was created under the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986.  According to the FDA, “[o]nly about 1% of serious events are reported to the FDA”.

As of 2018, over $4 billion USD has been awarded to victims of adverse vaccine reactions by the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP, or “Vaccine Courts”), and over 614,000 adverse reactions have been reported to VAERS, with nearly 99,000 being classified as “serious”, nearly 99,000 adverse reactions resulting in hospitalization, and over 5500 deaths.  If the FDA’s estimate that “about 1% of serious events are reported” is true, this could potentially mean that since 1986, there have been nearly 10,000,000 serious adverse reactions, nearly 10,000,000 hospitalizations due to adverse reactions, and as many as 550,000 deaths … about 17,000 per year.

It should be carefully noted that while the initially reported figures are derived directly from publicly available data from VAERS, the latter figures are speculatory.  The cruel reality is that nobody knows what the real figures are, because healthcare practitioners are either non-compliant with reporting requirements, or refuse to believe that the vaccines they administer can cause adverse reactions despite the drug inserts and CDC “fact sheets” clearly stating that they can.

If someone tells you that vaccines are safe, ask them to check the VAERS statistics.  If any other product caused over 100,000 hospitalizations and over 5500 deaths over a 32 year period, it would prompt an outcry and product recall.  In contrast, due to the liability-immunity granted to drug manufacturers by the NCVIA of 1986, the number of vaccines administered to the US population has soared over that same time period, and will continue to as additional vaccines are brought to market.